U.S.S. WORDEN • DD 352

Chronology, 12 January 1943
~ = Approximate time; * = 13 January 1943
06:0016:00Operation Crowbar: Worden anchors at southwest end of Constantine Harbor and lands Alaska Scouts and other Army troops.
07:2017:20Worden completes Army landings.
07:3517:25Worden weighs anchor and gets underway.
~08:00~18:00Worden grounds on rock pinnacle at 51°24'35" North, 179°18'20" East.
~08:30~18:30Worden drops anchor.
09:0019:00Ocean swells from north increase, causing hull to bounce on rocks.
09:4019:40Farragut-class destroyer Dewey enters Constantine Harbor; sights Worden aground.
10:2620:26Attack transport Arthur Middleton enters Constantine Harbor.
10:4020:40Arthur Middleton anchors and starts landing troops; several boats sent to assist Worden.
11:0021:00Dewey anchors ahead of Worden. Towing line carried by boat to Dewey from Worden.
11:2121:21Towing line secured.
11:2221:22Dewey attempts to tow Worden off rocks.
11:2721:27Worden slips anchor.
11:2821:28Towing line almost immediately snaps; Worden recoils onto large rocks and is awash amidships.
11:2921:29Towing line recovered by Dewey; new towing line shot to Arthur Middleton boat.
~11:40~21:40ComDesDiv One orders Worden to abandon ship. Dewey orders Arthur Middleton boat to cast off the tow line and pick up Worden survivors; boats from Dewey, Worden and Arthur Middleton ordered to pick up survivors.
~11:45~21:45Dewey underway toward new achorage in harbor.
11:5721:57Dewey anchors 400 yards south of Worden; first boatload of survivors pull alongside Dewey.
12:0522:05Boats from Arthur Middleton begin picking up Worden survivors. Worden listing 35° to starboard.
12:2522:25Worden’s hull breaks forward of after deck house.
12:3822:38First landing barge of survivors sent to Arthur Middleton from Dewey.
12:4022:40Second landing barge of survivors sent to Arthur Middleton from Dewey.
12:4422:44Aircraft heard overhead.
12:4922:49Water temperature measured 36°F by Dewey.
12:5022:50Third landing barge of survivors sent to Arthur Middleton from Dewey.
13:0023:00Cdr. Pogue brought aboard Dewey.
13:1423:14Executive officer of Worden, S.J. Caldwell, and one other survivor taken aboard Dewey. Reported to be last of survivors.
13:1923:19Dewey investigates false report that Worden survivors landed ashore.
13:3023:30Dewey departs Constantine Harbor.
23:0709:07*Arthur Middleton drags anchor and grounds in Constantine Harbor.