U.S.S. WORDEN • DD 352

Great Seal of the United States

12 January 1943

Constantine Harbor, Amchitka Island, Alaska Territory

Electrician’s Mate Third Class John Alfred Anderson, USN
Priest River, Idaho

Memorial marker at Evergreen Cemetery, Priest River

Seaman First Class Leland Floyd Bass, USNR
Susanville, California

Buried at sea from U.S.S. Dewey (DD 349)
Memorial marker at Janesville Cemetery, Lassen County, California

Electrician’s Mate Third Class Don Avery Blue, USNR
Cleveland, Texas

Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas

Fireman First Class Keith Leonard Briley, USN
Beaumont, Texas

Memorial marker at Williamson Cemetery, Vidor, Texas

Radioman Third Class Robert William Kieser, USN
Denver, Colorado


Seaman First Class Francis Dewey Musgrave Jr., USN
Sinclair, Wyoming


Fireman First Class William Frederick Reddeman, USN
Chicago, Illinois


Fireman Second Class Leo Lester Schultz, USN
Monroe, Michigan


Seaman First Class Stephen Stanley Seltz, USNR
Tracy, Minnesota


Seaman First Class Harvey John Senne, USN
Fairmont, Minnesota


Fireman Second Class Willard Edwin Shinabery, USN
Bellevue, Ohio

Memorial marker at Bellevue Cemetery

Fireman Third Class Jerome Joseph Wolshock, USN
Chester, Illinois

Memorial marker at St. Mary’s Cemetery, Chester

Water Tender First Class Charles Frederick Wood, USN
Gloversville, New York

Buried at sea from U.S.S. Dewey (DD 349)
Memorial marker at St. James Lutheran Church, Gloversville

Seaman First Class John Harris Wright, USNR
East St. Louis, Illinois