U.S.S. WORDEN • DD 352

Constantine Harbor

Amchitka Island, Alaska Territory

Interactive wreck chart, January 1943

This hand-drawn chart of the wreckage was used in the official report of the disaster. Shown are Worden’s final anchorage (⚓ symbol), from where the Alaska Scouts debarked between 06:00 and 07:20; the ship’s track early on 12 January 1943, its drift toward the rocks; the point of impact shortly after 08:00; and the final resting place on 17 January 1943. Worden ran aground in the poorly charted small rocks and kelp bed southeast of Kirilof Point at roughly 51°24'35" North, 179°18'20" East. The grounding site is marked with a hull outline and X, and the final resting place with a hull outline and O. See also the interactive modern chart of Constantine Harbor, which better shows the actual depths, rocks and kelp.

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